canow Co., Ltd. formed a partnership with the world’s first blockchain project SNS community-type rating site ScoreBase


canow Co., Ltd., which specializes in utilizing and marketing digital assets for existing businesses, formed a business alliance with CryptoLab Co., Ltd. on June 1, 2020. CryptoLab Co., Ltd. operates “ScoreBase”, the first SNS community-type rating site that collects evaluations and opinions of over 2,500 crypto and blockchain projects around the world.

■ What is “ScoreBase”?

A community-based platform “ScoreBase” is a database and community site where evaluations and opinions of crypto and blockchain projects around the world are shared. It can be used as a third-party evaluation standard for crypto and blockchain projects.

The greatest strength is the ability to fairly evaluate crypto and blockchain projects, which tend to be unclear. You can check the legitimacy of each evaluation by performing evaluations by individual users as well as experts such as audit corporations. In the future, we plan to publish promotion data of influencers around the world and formulate an evaluation model. By building a data source that serves as the evaluation standard with “Score Base”, it becomes easier to predict the effects.

As the number of page views rises, “ScoreBase” will create an advertising menu and monetize it, and provide the first database and community site that allows users to participate and evaluate marketing including influencers and projects in a unitarily manner.

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■ What “Score Base” can solve in the crypto industry

In the current crypto industry, there are no sites that summarize market prices during marketing, evaluation of media used for PR, evaluation of projects issuing digital assets, etc. Therefore, think tanks and research companies are not actively entering into the crypto industry. There are few reliable data sources, including specialized sites such as exchanges, and the number of opaque data is increasing.

“Influencer (KOL/KOC) marketing” is often used to increase awareness of new projects with cryptocurrency, but it is often unclear how much effect it can be expected. Since the laws and guidelines are not in place, oral orders are placed at the time of new entry, and it is difficult to know the effects unless actually trying those “influencers”.

“ScoreBase” is a platform that will rank the evaluators and put weight on each evaluation by the evaluators to prevent scams. With this system, “ScoreBase” will provide highly reliable and unbiased information. If we build a reliable database with “ScoreBase” that has a mechanism that allows users to rate projects and evaluators, it will be a reference for projects that issue cryptocurrency. This will make it easier for users, investors, engineers, exchanges, and people outside the crypto and blockchain industries to enter the industries, and contribute to vitalization.

■ Things that can be done by the business alliance of CryptoLab×canow

canow is a company with two businesses; digital marketing and incubation.

In digital marketing, canow supports implementation of cryptocurrency into existing businesses that utilize new technologies, and uses data for marketing. In the incubation business, canow supports the entry and development of businesses in Japan and overseas with three points: financing, marketing, and planning.

By collaborating with CryptoLab, canow will strengthen the marketing of “ScoreBase” and build a site with high usability and design to promote recognition of the site itself and formation of the SNS community. In addition, canow will support overseas expansion and expand the range of activities to monetize advertisements and perform agency business. In June, we will share users to each other, and in July we will collaborate with a well-known project with a simple advertising model and in order to attract more active users.

■ CryptoLab community is born!

“ScoreBase” is a user participation type service, so we will open the Telegram community ( on July 1st and make it a place for users to actively discuss about the site. With the establishment of the community, more information will be provided by users, thus PR measures, AMA (ask me anything), update of development information, and blogging will become possible.

After that, we plan to commercialize and have users evaluate.

■ About CryptoLab

CryptoLab Co., Ltd. is a corporation that mainly provides R&D and services with the aim of commercializing blockchains, such as business consulting and system construction using blockchains, and headquartered in Yokohama for 30 years. It is a subsidiary of P.R.O Co., Ltd. (, which is engaged in outsourced software development, SES, and media business.

■ About canow

canow Co., Ltd. is a company with four pillars of digital marketing business, incubation business, fund business, and development business, and has strong ties with overseas and existing digital assets. Our strengths are utilization in business and marketing using data. Check out our website: and follow us on:

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