canow Co.,Ltd. formed a business alliance with MXC, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in China


Strengthening business development support for Japanese companies in the Chinese market

canow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kunihiro Katsuragi , hereinafter canow), which develops digital marketing and incubation businesses that utilize tokens, is pleased to announce that canow has formed a partnership with a leading Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, MXC. In the future, both companies will strengthen support for business development by Japanese companies in the Chinese market, where the utilization of tokens and blockchain is rapidly progressing.

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MXC is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore in 2018. It boasts the world’s largest trading volume of emerging tokens called altcoins and is known for having many transactions with Chinese customers. In addition, MXC has a philosophy of user protection, and identifying the promising and reliable businesses and projects.

This business alliance will leverage MXC’s extensive network in the blockchain industry and canow’s network in Japan to connect Japanese companies to the Chinese market, strengthen the incubation business with hands-on support for business growth, and work together in creating a project.


MXC Vice President Katherine Deng

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Graduated from New York University in 2017 and entered the industry as a listed director of KuCoin. In 2018, transferred to OKEx as general manager of CoinAll. Currently, as vice president of MXC, Katherine is engaged in all listed transactions and overseas market operations.

Company Profile

Company name: MXC

Location: Singapore

Representative: Michael Chan

Established: April 2018


canow Co., Ltd. CEO Katsuragi Kunihiro

Born in 1995. As a COO at the previous job, IFA Co., Ltd. completed the concept of data bank and actively participated in negotiations with overseas exchanges and companies, Delta summit, D.FINE and other conferences around the world as a speaker. Established “canow Co., Ltd.” to support many companies as a bridge between Japan and overseas, and assumed the post of CEO. Currently, he is engaged in numerous services centered on the incubation business.

About canow Co.,Ltd.

Established in April 2020 by CEO Kunihiro Katsuragi and COO Ryohei Osaka. While speaking at conferences in various countries around the world and negotiating with overseas companies, Katsuragi and Osaka felt issues in the differences in business and technology perceptions between Japan and overseas, and the approach to overseas expansion. By establishing canow, it aims to lead the growth of the companies and the spread of better services by acting as a bridge between Japan and overseas.

In the world of web3.0, where personal data are safely distributed by decentralized management using blockchain technology, canow aims to become a bridge for business and service development without boundaries across countries and races. Mainly, canow supports innovative business across countries using tokens, revitalizing business by eliminating the difference in information between Japan and overseas and increasing the liquidity of data, and creating a highly convenient world.

Currently, canow is promoting business support for Japanese companies that incorporates advanced technologies such as blockchain and token technology. In addition, we are conducting global token analysis, PoC(Proof of Concept) of DID (Digital Identity), and PoC of Data Bank for commercialization, and we plan to periodically transmit information in the future.

Company Profile

Company name: canow Co.,Ltd.

Location: Wework 5F, 6–6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative: CEO, Katsuragi Kunihiro

Established: April 2020


Business Content

“Create a borderless business market through decentralized information distribution”

・Fund Business

We support companies that want to develop innovative businesses through investment from their funds from canow. Investee currently under consideration.

・Incubation Business “Hachi”

We connect investors and businesses from global to Japan, and from Japan to global, and provide hands-on business support and financing for all businesses, including the use of tokens and blockchains.

・DID Business “Bridge”

Using blockchain technology, we will develop a Digital Identity (DID) that can manage public certificates online.

・Marketing Business

We will develop new services from the viewpoint of marketing such as utilization of tokens for existing businesses, Data Bank models, and data analysis.